Change takes Courage

igniting your courage to embrace change

Anne makes getting uncomfortable fun. Her energetic and entertaining delivery will keep your audience engaged, and they will walk away with immediately applicable tactics they can use to confidently attack those moments where action is uncomfortable, but action is the best next step.



Anne regularly posts new videos on her channel from Keynotes, podcasts, testimonials, etc.  Check out Anne's videos.


Anne's weekly podcast ignites your courage to embrace the discomforts of life and get the best from yourself and others. Check out the Igniting Courage podcast.


Anne regularly posts new articles on her blog for you to read, link, share and learn! Check out Anne's Blog.

“Anne Bonney makes me want to eat broccoli and run up mountains, and I hate both!”

Tracy Romzek

General Manager, KBH Fitness


Anne Bonney’s debut book: GET OVER IT! 47 Tips for Embracing the Discomfort of Change.

We all know change is hard and very uncomfortable. Anne gives you 47 practical tips to help you get through whatever change you’re dealing with (and one bonus tip, because we need all the help we can get!). Whatever change you’re tackling, whether it’s changing jobs, moving to a new place, changing the way you communicate with your co-workers, or any other change, this book will help you get through it with a smile on your face. It’s fast, it’s fun and it doesn’t sugar coat it, so GET OVER IT and GET ON WITH IT! What are you waiting for?

“Anne is a motivator, an energizer, a coach and a teacher. I have referred to Anne as being much like “Punk Rock” Mary Poppins; floating around, imparting her wisdom where and when it is needed, then floating away, with the lesson, ‘what I was REALLY teaching you all along was how to do it yourself.’ ”

Alli Villella

Group Exercise Director, 24 Hour Fitness
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