You’re a human BEing, not a human DOing!

I climbed the last rock, then sat down to rest. I looked down at all the cars and trucks whizzing by on the highway and felt a twinge…

“I should be working.”

“I should be editing another podcast episode.”

“I should be contacting that new client.”

“I should be….”

Have you ever felt that way? The SHOULD monster is a strong one. I remember back in the 1990s, I couldn’t wait to get out of college to get rid of the constant “I should be doing homework/reading my textbook/doing something not fun” voice in my head.

But it didn’t end.

And now, 30 years later, I’m still “should”ing all over myself.

Do you feel me?

I felt it hard when I was in Arizona in October. I was training for the Kilimanjaro trip and any time I visited a state with hills, I went up one!

As I stopped to catch my breath on my way up Picacho peak between Phoenix and Tucson, I took in the view. Beautiful desert, hills, and lovely I10 with trucks and cars whizzing by.

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Suddenly I felt like I wasn’t where I should be. I wasn’t being productive. I wasn’t moving my business forward. I wasn’t doing what I SHOULD be at 2pm on a Wednesday, like all those drivers, speeding along doing what they SHOULD be doing. I wasn't doing anything.

Then I caught myself.

NO! I should be here, sitting on this rock, enjoying the view while I work towards one of my personal goals. All of my professional responsibilities are taken care of, or I’ve scheduled time after this hike to do them. I’m exactly where I should be…NOT speeding forward. NOT hustling.

Being in the moment.

This is a stressful time of year, so it's easy to get caught up in the DO DO DO of the holidays, but when you're surrounded my friends and family, don't forget to BE!! So next time you feel the stress of “I SHOULD BE…” or the need to “GO GO GO” despite your body or mind telling you to “PLEASE STOP!”, consider, do you really need to be hustling right now, or can you pause, just for this moment and breathe. Take in the view and the love and the lights. Let the others rush on by for a minute…are they really going to get that far ahead?

My belief is that if I stop and take in the moment, when I get back on that highway, back to the hustle, I’m going to be more focused and more productive…and much happier for not missing that amazing view.

DON'T go get 'em, Tiger! Just BE!

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