Who are the people in your neighborhood?

They say to utilize your network to create the career of your dreams, so I figured I’d send out an official invitation list to make you laugh, and if per chance any of these people are in YOUR neighborhood! (remember that Sesame St song?)

20 People who are personally invited to hire me to speak at their event (an incomplete list).

  1. Event organizers who want a fun, informative, well-prepared speaker to bring some pa-ZAZ to their event.
  2. Richard Simmons (I'm dying to meet him!)
  3. Those who have audiences who like to laugh and connect with a speaker.
  4. Shia LaBeouf *swoon*
  5. Anyone in Australia or New Zealand. 
  6. People who enjoy an organized speaker who delivers on deadline.
  7. Someone looking for a new, fresh, redheaded talk show host.  (Hey Grrrrrrl! *waving* Let’s talk!)
  8. People leading events for multi-level marketers.  (Mary Kay, Young Life, Herbalife, Amway, Arbonne, doTerra, Younique, Scentsy, Tupperware…etc.  Those people are LIT UP when it comes to personal development, and we could have a lot of fun together!)
  9. Adam Levine *double swoon*
  10. Folks who want their speaker to be friendly, respectful and professional to the event, AV and venue teams, even when things go wrong!
  11. HR or meeting planner with a zoo, aquarium or museum who needs help leading volunteers more effectively.  (Did you know I used to train animals, and successfully led several teams of volunteers?)
  12. Anyone who has an audience dealing with the challenges of a changing workplace and world.
  13. Any company who concocts BBQ sauce.  (I’m in it for the SWAG on this one!)
  14. People who enjoy working with someone who communicates in a fun, succinct, well edited and thought-out way via e-mail, voice mail and zoom calls/meetings. 
  15. Any of Forbes top 100 places to work!  Deloitte?  Plante Moran?  Capital One?  Target?
  16. Someone who likes a speaker who shows up on time and ends their speech on time.
  17. Anyone from the Virgin suite of brands. (Necker Island or outer space opportunities welcome!)
  18. A meeting planner who wants a tried and true professional who has worked hard to master the art of delivering great content in an entertaining, enjoyable and sticky way!  (and has been very frequently recognized for it.) 
  19. Someone who wants a spunky redhead to energize and delight their people!
  20. Matthew McConaughey *dropping on the floor swooning*  If you haven’t read Greenlights, GO RIGHT NOW and do it!

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