WAIT WAIT WAIT...don’t click away yet!  Hear me out.

Our modern life of comfort and convenience is making us soft!

The common thought is that the more comfortable you are, the more you’ll be able to handle challenges...it's actually the opposite.

Being comfortable doesn’t charge our batteries for the next challenge, it lowers the bar on what is uncomfortable.

We get less resilient and less courageous. 

That doesn't help you get that promotion, have that relationship-saving conversation or take that next huge step in your life.

It sticks you in the mud without the oomph to get out!  Ever been there?  I know I have.

In this retreat we get uncomfortable, and we have a blast doing it.  (no really!)

You will leave stronger, smarter, braver, better looking, more confident, and ready to tackle whatever curveballs life throws at you next...or perhaps it's you throwing the curveballs at your life.  YES!  LET'S DO THAT!!!


Do you feel like you're stuck? stagnant?

Do you want more from your life, your job or the people around you? Is fear or not knowing how stopping you from taking action to get it?


What if you could be more comfortable in challenging conversations, so you can improve the relationships in your life?

Because face it, so many things we want are on the other side of an uncomfortable conversation!


You wanna mix it up with a bunch of REALLY cool women?

It's the people that make a retreat transformational, and I make sure the right people are there to create that amazing group connection, to support each other during the event and beyond! (Sorry guys...this is just for us ladies..for now!)


Are you ready to look inside? Get a little uncomfortable?  Then join me and have a ton of fun in a safe environment where you can debrief, learn and build your mental toughness?

If you're a fired up female looking to find fulfilling relationships and fantastic results by Dancing in the Discomfort Zone, then PUSH THAT RED BUTTON BELOW and let's do this!


(ok, that’s a strong statement…there is definitely a place for umbrella drinks on the beach too....but not today!)

I've been Dancing in The Discomfort Zone for my whole life!

We moved to Saudi Arabia with my dad's Marriott hotel job when I was 8, and we lived and traveled overseas for 7 years.  While it was chock-a-block FULL of fabulous experiences that I would never, ever change for anything, ever, never, no way, it also had its disadvantages.  No Cheerios, Ruffles, or Twinkies (what I really cared about at the time), completely different languages and cultures, and we lived in the hotel.  Yes, we had a housekeeper (mom still made me clean my room) and room service (it was the equivalent of your mom ordering pizza delivery), but every employee of the hotel saw the Bonney kids as their personal responsibility.  Do you know how tough it is to get away with adolescent shenanigans when the whole staff is watching?

We never got comfortable or settled in.  We moved to Egypt when I was 10, Greece when I was 11, and I got shipped off to boarding school when I was 15.  (I figured out the adolescent shenanigans!)

My world was always changing.  Flights getting delayed, new foods, new friends, new school, new everything all the time.  I didn't realize it then, but this discomfort was pivotal in me taking the big steps I have in my life, like becoming an animal trainer, finishing 28 marathons, completing 2 Ironman triathlons, going on 3 morale-building tours for the troops in Iraq, winning a figure competition, leaving corporate to start my own business, writing 2 books, leading humanitarian expeditions to Malawi in southern Africa, and generally leading a pretty frikkin' amazing life! 

I'm not special...I just never got comfortable!

I can hear you now.  "I'm intrigued, but HOW UNCOMFORTABLE are we going to get?" 

Don't worry!  Not too uncomfortable!  No sockless overnights in the Arctic, eating bugs, streaking or tribal branding ceremonies!

Here are some of the basics of the 3 days.

HELPING STRANGERS: We will contribute to a local non-profit through a 4-hour volunteer experience that will put you up against some physical, task and/or emotional discomfort so you can experience how “Givers Gain” as Ivan Misner of BNI Fame says!  $100 from your registration fee will also be donated to that non-profit.

LOOKING IN THE MIRROR:  We'll complete assessments on personality, fulfillment and communication so you know what really raises the hair on the back of your neck, so you know what to tackle when you leave.

MOVE THAT BOOTY: We'll engage in some healthy movement/mild physical challenges that may be new and uncomfortable for you.

ZIPPIT: because shutting up is tough sometimes, but it's OH SO important.  (Don't worry.  It won't last too long!)

SAY IT ALREADY: We'll spend quite a bit of time discussing communication, building skills and awareness around how courageously communicating can improve a lot LOT LOT of things in your life!

THE JUICY CONNECTION PART: My favorite reason I do these!!  Building life-long friendships and a kick-ass web of support to help you continue to courageously Dance in the Discomfort Zone ...in this experience and beyond!

...and so much more!



  • flame-bullet

    November 11-13, 2021, Traverse City, MI

    Let's bond and learn with like-minded fired-up females right on Lake Michigan.  Fall colors, discomfort and transformation!  Bring it on baby!!

  • flame-bullet

    February 3-5, 2022, Charleston, SC

    Beautiful Charleston, warm our bones and charge up our resilience with amazing, like-minded women!  

  • flame-bullet

    May 26-28, Minneapolis, MN

    I've got some fun things in store for this beautiful springtime adventure in Minneapolis!  Let's DANCE in the Discomfort Zone!

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