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So this one day, my brother shared my new promo video on Facebook, and his TV friend Corey saw it, and wanted to do a piece on me for TV!  This is a guy with 11 Emmy’s (though I’m glad I didn’t know that before the interview) so he knows good subject matter!  (just kidding!)

So he came over to my house with his camera and his lovely wife/assistant lady.  He asked me some questions, including a few that I’m kinda glad didn’t make the piece.  (like the one time last year, I was teaching my nieces and nephew to do a froggie headstand, and I fell out of it, rolled into the wall and bunched an armadillo-sized hole in their drywall with my butt.  Yeah…kinda glad the butt dent story didn’t make the final cut!)

froggie headstand  FYI: This is a froggie headstand.  Try it.  It’s fun!


Anyway, here she is, the Change Ninja!  And you can find me at

No really…it works!

Change Ninja TV spot thumbnail
( if the link doesn’t work!)


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