Part of the courage it takes to achieve is to persevere.  When something gets boring, you have to have the guts to sit out some other fun things, or new shiny possibilities, and stick to the thing that you started.  The shine has worn off.  The initial momentum you had is gone.  And you just…keep….going!

As a fresh new face in the speaking world, I know I need to bring value if I ever want to become a crusty old successful speaker.  The way that felt right to me to put value out there was through a podcast, so I dove in!  It took some guts to figure everything out, and get the first few episodes posted, but after a few fabulous interviews, the ball started rolling down hill!!  10 episodes, easy.  20 episodes, this is fun.  30 episodes “Yawn, maybe I should work on a YouTube channel instead.”  But I said “NO!  You will KEEP GOING!” and here we are with Episode 40, another amazing interview with a courageous person who is having a positive impact on the world despite a rough start in life!  So I’m thrilled to bring you, the 40th Episode of Igniting Courage Podcast with Christal Frost Anderson, Courageous teller of truths and crusher of Tuesdays.

To learn more about Christal, here are a few spots you can go!

Here are some quotes from this inspiring and enjoyable interview.

(You can click on the images and links above to listen to the podcast, or copy this link to your browser.  https://www.buzzsprout.com/228830/1501291-igniting-courage-podcast-episode-40-christal-frost-anderson-courageous-teller-of-truths-and-crusher-of-tuesdays)

And be on the lookout for other things from me coming before the end of the year….

  • Igniting Courage Manifesto, to help ignite your courage when you need it.
  • Get Over It, 48 tips for crashing through the discomfort of change.  (or a book called something like that, my first book.  EEK!)
  • And if I can really crush it, there may be another book….but we’ll see.  I still like to sleep a little too!

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