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“WHO IS COMING ON THE RETREAT?” the Facebook post screamed.  I had been following Esther since I took her spin class in Baltimore 15 years before.  She’s a strong, brilliant, brave, no bullshit kind of chick. Just the kind I want to be around!  She was leading a retreat.

“Hmmmm” I browsed the site.  “Fitness, yoga…mmmmm, nice.  Runs, spin class, oooo!  I’d love to take another spin class with Esther.  It’s been over 6 years!   Oooo, coaching.  Find your true north.  Nice!”  I continued scrolling down.  “IT’S IN ICELAND????”

I hit that button fastMy finger hit the DEPOSIT button faster than a toddler after a piece of candy on the mall floor and I found myself trying to figure out how I was going to explain the trip to my boyfriend.  And my bank account!

Then I realized, other than Esther, who will be busy running a retreat, I didn’t know anyone who was going.  I was going alone.






As I sat there wondering whether she’d give me my non-refundable deposit back, I talked myself through a few points.Iceland Adventure

  • Anyone who wanted to hang out with Esther for a fitness and yoga retreat in Iceland was going to be pretty cool. That was certainly the case with my fellow Antarctica marathoners.  I made some life-long friends on that trip.
  • I moved 8 times before I was 15 years old. Making new friends has never been a problem.
  • It’s ICELAND you idiot! GO!!

As I told Mr. Pants (the boyfriend) about it that night, he asked, “Do you know anyone who is going?”

“Nope, other than Esther.”

“She’s going to be busy running a retreat.”

“I thought of that.  I can make friends.  I’m sure everyone will be really friendly.”

All the things I got because I wentAnd they were, and we had an amazing time, and I have some new life-long friends who I look forward to meeting again in far-flung locations.  But had I not had the courage to just GO, I would never have met them.  I wouldn’t have done yoga in a huge space above a colorful bakery that smelled like cinnamon rolls.  I wouldn’t have enjoyed the amazing plethora of street art, and a whale-less whale watch in a double layer thermal coverall.  I wouldn’t have gone to an Icelandic drag show, and I wouldn’t have made 20 new friends I now share amazing memories with.

The best stuff in life requires courage.  The courage to say YES and go for it!  Put down the money, make the commitment.  Courage doesn’t mean the absence of fear.  You’ll be scared.  You’ll probably be scared shitless at times.  That means you’re growing.  You’re getting braver, learning about yourself, and experiencing things that you’ll never forget.

So, what are you delaying saying “yes” to?  A trip?  A new job?  Joining an online dating site?  Going back to school?  Starting your own business?  Asking that hottie out?  Changing your hair do?   Taking that promotion?  Moving?  Having a baby?  What’s your next YES??  Let me know in the comments.  I can’t wait to hear!


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