IGNITING COURAGE Podcast Episode 83: Nolanda Kirby, Courageous Shifter of Perspectives

Being a person of color in the United States has always had it’s challenges, and fortunately the conversation is in the forefront of our society right now, hopefully leading to some change.  But most African Americans have faced racial inequities and intolerances their whole lives.  Nolanda is no exception, and in this insightful and emotionally intelligent interview she shares her experience as a black woman in this country, but also her perspective from working in the family courts for 16 years, and from the perspective of a woman getting involved in government because she’s ready to make some changes.  She is also the loving wife of a police officer, something that also takes a lot of courage, especially right now.  So enjoy this enlightening interview.

Click here for more information on Nolanda’s Emerge Maryland Campaign.

Click here for more information on Emerge America and how you can get involved. 

Click here for more information on the League of Women Voters.

Click here for The N Word, the book referenced by Nolanda in the interview.















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