IGNITING COURAGE Podcast Episode 85: Barb Holbrook, Courageously Open to Thinking Differently



There is so much to think about right now, and it’s really important that we are thinking, and open to changing the way we think and the way we act as a result.  Change is hard, but vitally important to truly be the land of the brave and the home of the free.  ALL OF US!  Self-care is also really important while you’re dealing with all that change, so join me and Barbara Holbrook to talk about the courage to look at tough situations, and the courage to go inside and slow down.  

















Igniting courage podcast with motivational speaker/ best-selling author Anne Bonney is the place you go for a boost of courage, either to make a huge change in life, or to just get through the day!  Listen to my friends, who are each regular old people (but also unbelievable badasses) share what courage means to them, how they developed it, and how it plays into their lives every single day.  Be inspired in their, and then your own every day courage.  Then go transform your life.  


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