IGNITING COURAGE Podcast Episode 91: Jason Borowicz, Courageously Making it Work


In episode 91 we explore courage as it relates to surprise opportunities, international adventures and derailing interactions, and how they never stopped Jason from moving forward, “pushing out the canoe”, “stepping through the fabric” and making it work!  Inspirational stories of courage and achievement through innovation and life!  

Jason Borowicz is an international speaker and collaboration coach who has helped teams all over the world to perform at their best when their best is required. His proven methodology – UNSTOPPABLE US – has been used by hundreds of leaders, creating over $100 million of economic impact over the last 5 years. Realizing that “We perform to the level of our disbeliefs”, JB is on a mission to help every team be a great team to be in. After all, doesn’t everyone deserve to drive to work knowing they are in a great team that respects their strengths and has their back?

Jason is also a former teacher who achieved a near 100% passing rate, and a former national team coach in the Czech Republic, where he played quarterback and led his team to 2 championship appearances. Additionally, having spent nearl a decade in New Zealand has given Jason global perspective on teams, collaboration and navigating BIG differences across executive teams and project delivery teams.

In addition to his work with sports, education, and business, Jason is passionate about travelling and exploring new ideas, which he does through his You Tube channel titled Better Questions, and his podcast.  

With a passion for both the science and the art of collaboration, Jason travels the world coaching leaders on how they can apply his trademark brand of team dynamics for exponential growth results. As a grounded and intriguing keynote speaker, Jason’s evidence based approach, infused with an inviting sense of humor and quick wit, make him a safe choice to be a huge hit at your event.


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