IGNITING COURAGE Podcast Episode 95: Lawrence Jackson, Jr, Courageously Showing Up!


I’ve always been a fan of Lawrence Jackson Jr (LJ) since we started working together in 2004, but this interview solidifies my belief that he is truly a remarkable human!  Listen in as he talks about building understanding in a diverse work environment,  his experience building relationships with his customers during this difficult time (while calling them to ask them to pay up!  He’s in accounting.) and his inspiring practice of connecting with people of all walks of life to make a difference in their lives and in the world.  I’m honored to call him my friend, and I’m so glad he’s on this planet, making it better and better, every day he’s on it.

For more from LJ, find him on social media.
Facebook: @lawrencejacksonjr

Instagram: @Inspiredgent


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