IGNITING COURAGE Podcast Episode 98: Ty Schmidt, the Pied Piper of El Grupo Norte


What started 14 years ago as a 3 kid bike train has blossomed into a massive community movement throughout northern Michigan!  Ty Schmidt made a commitment to make a difference, and he shares the courage it takes every day to keep that commitment.  He lives his mission and is an inspiration and a difference maker!

Check out the Norte Website, follow their Facebook or Instagram pages, but, true to Ty’s mission, you should follow Norte in real life.  They are out currently at 6 different trailheads.  Norte has the largest youth mountain bike team in the state of MI so if you want to see Norte in action, from Palmer Woods to Maplehurst to Glacial to the Commons and the VASA, they’re rolling all fall.  Look for the kids (young and old) screaming with joy! 


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