IGNITING COURAGE Podcast Episode 100: Addie and Izzy, perspective from the young people.


Addie and Izzy 12 year old guests

HAPPY 100TH IGNITING COURAGE PODCAST!  In this episode we decided to mix it up a bit and have our first 2-guest episode, and our first episode with non-adult humans!  I wanted to get the perspective of some younger people on this whole CoronaVirus thing, so I asked Addie and Izzy into the studio to share their thoughts, their courage, and to teach me a little something something!  (They take this old lady to school at the end of the episode!)  

Have the courage to quietly listen to these “Wise-beyond-their-years” brave young people, and hear what’s going on in their heads during this confusing time.  It might sound familiar!

Oh, and jump on the FREERICE app and do some good while you’re playing games on your phone!  Thanks Addie!

You can also find it in all the podcast spots.

Just search for “Igniting Courage with Anne Bonney”

and look for the flaming O.

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