IGNITING COURAGE Podcast Episode 103: Jeremy Brodey, turning the page to a new chapter.


During this pandemic whether it’s from layoffs, furlough, or just the opportunity to slow down, many people are reassessing their lives and what they want to do going forward.  What they want to add to their lives and what they don’t want to go back to.  Turning the page to a new chapter in life is scary because there are so many unknowns. 

In this energetic, entertaining and enlightening episode I talk to my old friend Jeremy Brodey about his page turn and the courage it takes to evolve and grow, and do the best you can.  One of my favorite quotes from this episode is “You’ve survived every worst day of your life so far!”  Meaning, you’re one strong emeffer, so listen in, and then go live your courageous life!

Find your courage on Episode 102 of Igniting Courage Podcast with Anne Bonney.  

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