IGNITING COURAGE PODCAST Episode 108: Amanda Goins, making positive changes


Did you ever want to make big changes, but then it gets uncomfortable or challenging and you fall off the wagon?  Amanda Goins did that for years, until she finally found the answer to significant personal change, and she’s never been more confident and more able to make things happen for herself.  Want to know her secret?  Listen in!

Want more?  Check out Amanda’s podcast, Heightened Life.   If you want, you can even listen in to my interview on Heightened Life Podcast! 

Books that helped Amanda
Atomic Habits by James Clear
The Obstacle is The Way by Ryan Holiday

Or of course, you can check out my book GET OVER IT! With tips for embracing the discomfort of change!  

GOOD LUCK Everyone!  

You can also find it in all the podcast spots.

Just search for “Igniting Courage with Anne Bonney”

and look for the flaming O.

Oh, and do you have my book?  You should!  GET OVER IT!  47 Tops for Embracing the Discomfort of Change by Anne Bonney is now available on Amazon.  Click here, and get yours today!  

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