Karl Lashkari Podcast and My sizzle Promotion


A few exciting things to share!

I've been working with Video Narrative all year to finalize my new speaker reel. Take a peek and let me know what you think!!

You want to work with me now, don't you?? Your organization or industry going through a lot of change? Need a speaker? Let's chat!

If you haven't subscribed to Dancing in the Discomfort Zone Podcast, DO IT NOW! I've got some fabulous episodes including this VERY compelling interview with Karl Lashkari about men's empowerment and making space for everyone to thrive! Listen with an open mind, and listen to the end. It all comes together, I promise!!!

Karl-Lashkari-mens-mental-health-empowerment-dancing-in-the-discomfort-zone-anne-bonney (1)

Thanks for watching/listening. Have a fabulous rest of the week.

Go get 'em, Tiger!!

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