2 hours in a circus museum and this is what happens…

I bought a unicycle.

A dozen people on social media responded "I used to ride one as a kid." Not one person said, "Oooo, I picked that up when I was 49 and I've been riding it ever since."

But that's just what I plan to do.  Let me back up...

I went to the Ringling Museum with a few friends last weekend and saw a display of unicycles.  It hasn't been a burning desire of mine to learn to ride one, but in that moment I thought, "it would be cool to be able to ride that." Then I moved on with my day.

Later when I was searching Facebook Marketplace for a stool, I searched for a unicycle, and there was one for $20...only 5 miles away.

unnamed (7)
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An hour later, I became the proud owner of a unicycle. 

So now one of my 2023 goals is to ride this thing.

*insert scared emoji here*

"So go do it Anne...why are you blabbing about it here?" you ask? Because January is prime goal setting time, and research shows that...

  • Writing goals down = increased achievement
  • Writing + telling someone = Even better chance
  • Writing + telling + tracking progress = BEST CHANCE!

(Go Deeper on this research here.)

As you're planning what you want to accomplish in 2023, be sure to write it down, tell someone about it, and create milestones of achievement throughout the year. This will create a sense of urgency, and touchpoints to celebrate the success towards your goal. So whether you're planning to get out of debt, take classes, cultivate healthier eating habits, find love or learn to play the ukelele, write it down, and don't stash it away. Grab an accountability partner, and keep track of your progress, and I can't wait to celebrate your success in December...

...while riding my unicycle.

Go get 'em Tiger!

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