“mine mine mine mine mine mine”

I’m lucky enough to live in a small cove right on Tampa Bay, and one of my favorite things to do when I need a little peace and quiet is to take my paddle board out on the water.

On Monday, the alarm was set for 7am, but I couldn’t sleep, so I brewed a quick cup of coffee, grabbed my waterproof speaker and my board and floated away.

As the sun rose, it painted the sky in pinks and oranges, illuminating the beautiful puffy clouds.

Soft music played as an osprey fished for breakfast right in front of me.

A school of fish swam slowly under my board.  I could hear the little green nanday parkeets chirping in the trees on shore.

I sat down and sipped my coffee, breathing in the new day.

Two dolphins even swam by.  It was magical and I contemplated my gratitude for this perfect moment. 

Then two seagulls flew right over my head emitting the most ear-piercing cacophonous screeches that I have ever heard.

I shook my fist at them in a “get off my lawn” fashion.  (I am 50 now!  I do those things.)  How dare they destroy my peace.

Then I realized, that’s the only sound they have!  The parrots were doing their little chirping, the osprey let out a little squeak every once in a while.  The dolphins’ exhale let me know they were there! Those were morning sounds that pleased my ear.  The screech of the gulls wasn’t pleasing, but in reality, it was their version of the quiet “good morning” I uttered at each of them. 

Heck, for all Iknow it was an incantation

for me to have a spectacular day 

full of calorie-free sweet treats, 

friendly puppies and surprise money!

How often do we poo-poo something or someone because they don’t do things our way?  How often do we miss out on the magic of the moment or a great idea just because it wasn’t the way we would do it?

Next time you want to shake your fist at something, stop and ask yourself…do I not like this because it’s bad, or just because it’s not my preference/way?  Not only will you have better relationships with people, but you’ll have a much happier life!

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