SARA APKE: Mother, World Traveler, Difference Maker

I met Sara on a high school building expedition to Malawi. She, her husband and her 4 kids had joined us, and they were fabulous, so she was an obvious choice as a guest to talk about courage. The kids were wonderful on the trip, she and her husband were incredible role models, and they all had a life changing experience! Having grown up in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Greece myself, I strongly appreciate the value of travel. So many invaluable lessons, friendships and perspectives are gained! So listen in, then GO! Somewhere! And take the kids!! They might surprise you!! (Even Sara was surprised when hers got along!)

You can also find it on iTunes, Stitcher and Google Podcast, so go subscribe, and leave me some comments. Do you like it? I have no idea! Let me know. Search for ?Igniting Courage Podcast with Anne Bonney”. Look for the flaming O.

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