ACQUANETTA MOORE: Courageous writer of words and cultivator of patience

In 1990, 15 year old Acquanetta Moore left her home in Detroit to pursue her passion for music at a performing arts boarding school in the woods 4 hours away.  It was a difficult time for her family, and Acquanetta suffered from depression, but she also found her 2 passions that have helped her build courage and patience throughout her life.  She is now a published poet, a wife and mother and someone who understand the value of taking a little time to recharge, so she can be courageous when life requires it.


I reconnected with Acquanetta on Igniting Courage Podcast, Episode 38 after purchasing, reading and really being moved by Quiet Storm, her first ever published book of poems.  We talked about her artistic journey, her collaborations, and how it was the therapy she’s needed to get through life’s tough times.  To listen to episode 38, you can click on the image above, or copy and paste this link into your browser.

We talked about a few of her poems that I thought you might like to read.  Enjoy

Picture Me

When you look into my eyes,

What do you really see?

Am I just another n*!%a?

‘Cause the color is all you see


My personality was something

You didn’t even take the time to know

Ya just saw the physical

The way I always sag my clothes

Artificial to yo’ smile, yes it shows


Lord knows, we all capable of wicked ways

But now I pray that those days stay in the past

Or will I even last?

Yo’ society got me wrapped up in a ghetto cast


Blast Shots rang, there goes the bullets

Just ‘cause I’m from the low-class neighborhood

That doesn’t mean I pulled it

But should it even matter that my skin is black

Yet through it all,

I know God always got my back


If I’m a pilot,

Then we should call for an emergency landing.

If I’m a preacher,

Then my congregation shouldn’t be standin.

If I’m the supply,

Then I shouldn’t be the one you’re demandin.


If I’m the ship,

Then ya’ll shouldn’t go sailin.

If I’m succeedin,

That must be a mistake,

Since I’m always failin.

Negativity, yes, I’m dwellin.


Since I’m on the bottom,

Then you must be on top.

Since you continue to go,

Then I continue to stop

I get no props.


If I’m the pilot,

Then I need to get this plane in gear.

Ya’ll got no need to fear,

‘cause I’m back on “cheer”.

I will feature a few more on future blogs/podcasts that weren’t particularly relevant to my own experiences with courage recently.  Look for those on Episode 39 (launching July 29) and Episode 41 (launching August 12)

To order Quiet Storm, Acquanetta’s book of poetry on Amazon:

Article about Polly and Acquanetta’s collaboration:


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