The Courage to Find a Positive Mindset


During this holiday season, I want to challenge you to think about things differently. When everybody finds out that I travel on a weekly basis and am in usually two or three different cities a week, the usual response is, “Oh you poor thing.  That must be exhausting.”  This is usually accompanied by a groan.  Can you imagine the misery in my life if I thought about it that way?? Yeah, that would be terrible. 

Admittedly, I’m a bit of a gypsy, and love being on the move, but how often do we do that to ourselves.  Just because it’s the typical way of thinking, we bring a ton of misery into our lives.

Instead of falling prey to that way of thinking, I choose to think positively, because the travel is a necessary part of the career I’ve chosen, so I might as well.  I choose to think about the fact that I have clean sheets almost every night, and I only do laundry every 2-3 weeks.  I choose to focus on the fact that I get to drive a 2019 or 2020 car every week.  (thank you National Car Rental!)   I choose to think about the frequent flier points that I’m racking up, that get me upgraded to first class, and flies me around the country for fun for free!  (Thank you Delta!).  I choose to think about the excitement and the new sights, rather than the exhaustion, travel delays and misery.

And you should too!

This applies to all areas of life.  Have the courage to think about the positives in a situation that might normally be seen as negative.  Have the courage to think differently than “most people” do, so you can bring some sunshine in your life.  You might as well, because if you don’t, you’re going to have a pretty miserable time.

And I’m not saying I’m sunshine and sparkle farts all the time.  There are exhausting moments (like when my flight is cancelled and I have to drive the last 4 hours home at 10:30 at night like when I’m writing this.) but if we can think positively most of the time, we’re going to have a much better time of it.

So, for you is it going to staff meetings that you typically dread?  Find something good in it.  Maybe it’s a great time to connect and build a relationship with one member of the team you don’t normally connect with.

Is it dealing with your x?  Think of how glad you are that you’re not with them anymore.  Doing your taxes? You only have to do it once a year!   Shoveling snow?  Great exercise.  Seriously.  I know this may sound silly, but imagine approaching this stuff with a much more positive attitude.  That’s going to make it a whole lot more fun, and it’ll be done faster too!


Try it!  And don’t just keep it to yourself.  When people give me the groan and the “You must be exhausted all the time!” pitying look, I cheerfully say, (perhaps a little too cheerfully) “No, I love it, in fact, I’m going to Puerto Rico on Frequent Flyer miles in February and I haven’t done laundry in months!!”  They leave me alone.  Maybe because they love my sunshine in February plan, or maybe because they think I’m gross, but whatever the case, they take their dark cloud away with them.  So try it on other people too!  If you’re tempted to give the typical negative response, flip it, and try a positive.  Maybe the world will be just a little bit brighter!


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