IGNITING COURAGE Podcast Episode 56: The Courage to Think About Things Differently

Sometimes we get stuck in the typical negative thinking about certain unchangables in our lives, and we become the makers of our own misery. That’s silly. Have the courage to choose a positive way of thinking. You rebel you!! Igniting courage podcast is the place you go for a boost of courage, either to make a huge leap in life, or to just get through the day! Listen to my friends, who are each regular old people (but also unbelievable badasses) share what courage means to them, how they developed it, and how it plays into their lives every single day. Be inspired in their, and then your own every day courage. Then go transform your life. 


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You can also find in all the podcast spots. Just search for “Igniting Courage with Anne Bonney” and look for the flaming O.








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